Townships, Fars (Part 1)

Townships, Fars (Part 1)


Abadeh is located at 638 km from Tehran. The antiquity of this area is far beyond a millennium; however, it started developing only after Karim Khan Zand chose Shiraz as the mountainous capital of Iran. This city is the first mountainous city of northern Fars and is located in a vast plain at an altitude of 2,000 m. known as “Sarhad”.

It has fertile lands which attract tribes such as Qashqaie in summer and spring as a summer residing quarter. In this city various religious and historical monuments have remained.


In the past it was a part of Abadeh and recently was distinguished as a township and Sourian is its center. The history of Bovanat is intermingled with that of Abadeh.


It is located to the southeast of the province. Darab is geographically divided in two regions. The north-east region is mountainous and forested; the south-central region has much lower altitude and includes vast plains. Its original name was Darabgerd (Darabjerd). The ruins of this city still remain in the south west of the present town which is known as Dehya Castle.

In Darab, lemon trees are grown which are among specialties of Iran.


It is located in the northern part of Fars and means “Key”. It is surrounded by mountains in the south and in the west. It is quite fertile and encompasses many historical and religious monuments such as a few jame' mosques, inscriptions and towers. "Dokhtar Gabar" and Tang-e-Boraq Gorge are situated in this township.


It is situated at 1112 km. from Tehran. The re-construction of Estahban, after the invasion of Mongols was performed by Amir Mobarezodin Al-e-Mozafar in 746 A.H. It is located between two altitudes and to the south of the Bakhtegan Lake; the eastern part has a hot climate and the rest is rather mild because of the mountains. Forests of fig trees have contributed to the economy of this region based on exports.


It is located in the southeast of Shiraz, in a rather mountainous region. Most villages of this township are also situated in these altitudes. Only the south-east and north-west regions are to some extent flat. In the clay inscriptions of Persepolis, its name was mentioned as “Peshi Ya” or “Beshi Ya”. In the year 23 A.H. Osman-ebne-Abi-Al-Ass, conquered the city. During 4th century A.H. Fasa was the second most important town of “Darabgerd State” was to the same extent as Shiraz.

Firooz Abad

Located at 1035 km. from Tehran and in a mountainous region with a moderate climate in north and hot weather in the south, this township is one of the main gathering points for the Qashqaie tribes as a summer quarter. The present Firooz Abad city is located 3 km. to the south-east of a historical monument known as Gour which was made by Ardeshir Babakan, the founder of Sassanid Dynasty. Gour has been the center of the Ardeshir Khoreh region. Moslem Arabs captured this city in 28-29 A.H.

Many historical monuments are left in the town, mainly from Sassanid period most of which are comparable to the ones of Takht-e-Jamshid (Persepolis).


Located southeast of Shiraz and 1158 km from Tehran, this city is one of the oldest regions of Iran and has many historical monuments. In fact it is said that this city was constructed near the ancient city of Jahrom. It has a hot climate with famous palm groves. In fact Jahrom’s dates are well known for their quality. Jahrom has many citrus orchards and the products are mostly exported to other regions.


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